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Hochenergetischer modengekoppelter Yb-dotierter
femto-, piko- und nanosekunden Faserlaser "Ytterbius-Master"
Modengekoppelter Faserlaser Ytterbium
Impusdauer         500 fs - 3 ns
Impulsenergie      bis zu 5 uJ
Repetitionsrate    bis zu 30 kHz
Pulsdauer und Autokorrelationsfunktion Faserlaser
Ytterbius-Master - all-fibre mode-locked ytterbium laser with the possibility to generate light pulses with duration in the range of 500 fs to 3 ns. This means that Ytterbius-Master allows a very broad range spanning femtosecond, picosecond, and nanosecond pulses.

Not only does this laser have an exceptionally broad range of output pulse durations, Ytterbius-Master also delivers output in a very wide range of pulse repetition rates from 25 MHz to less than 100 kHz. Another very important feature of this laser is its output pulse energy, record-high for mode-locked master fibre oscillators, reaching up to 5 uJ. This ultra-fast fibre ytterbium laser is, indeed, a Master of its trade!

The working spectral range of laser Ytterbius-Master amounts to 1070 +/-10 nm for the fundamental wavelength and 535 +/- 5 nm when used with the radiation frequency doubler. Ytterbius-Master may be also shipped with two optional sub-systems: fibre optical amplifier, which allows to increase the energy of laser output pulses up to 100 uJ, and scanned auto-correlator FS-PS-Auto, allowing duration measurement of ultra-fast light pulses within the range from 10 fs to 30 ps.

new concept high-energy mode-locked fiber laser without Q-switching and cavity dumping techniques

record-breaking ultra-low repetition rate for mode-locked lasers: up to 30 kHz

super-wide range of output pulse width: from femtosecond to nanosecond
  • ultrafast spectroscopy
  • terahertz or t-ray generation
  • frequency combs
  • microfabrication
  • direct-write of optical waveguides
  • fiber Bragg grating writing
  • nano-photonics
  • high-resolution multiphoton tomography
  • fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy
  • optical DNA sensing technology
  • microsurgery
  • high capacity optical data storage
  • amplifier seeding
  • sub-systems for OEM integration

Weitere Modelle
Titan-Saphir Femtosekundenlaser

Wellenlänge                                  750-950 nm
Impulsdauer                                  25-45 fs
Durchschn. Ausgangsleistung      400 mW (5 W Pumpleistung)
Repetitionsrate                              80-100 MHz
Durchstimmbarer gepulster Faserlaser

Impusdauer              400fs/10ps (Femtosekundenimpuls auf einem Pikosekundensockel)
Wellenlänge             1060-1115 nm
Repetitionsrate         5-10 MHz
Erbium dotierter modengekoppelter Faserlaser 1560nm

Impusdauer         < 100 fs
Wellenlänge        1560 +/-10 nm und 780 +/-5 nm
Leistung              bis zu 250 mW (> 1 W verstärkt)
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