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Er-dotierter modengekoppelter Faserlaser im Femtosekundenbereich "Erbius-Femto"
Erbium dotierter modengekoppelter Faserlaser 1560nm
Impusdauer        < 100 fs
Wellenlänge       1560 +/-10 nm und 780 +/-5 nm
Leistung             bis zu 250 mW (> 1 W verstärkt)

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Unique laser Erbius-Femto may be an efficient replacement of femtosecond Ti-Sa lasers in a number of applications. Another advantage of Erbius-Femto is its high output radiation power, reaching 250 mW without any additional amplification.

Complemented by an optical amplification system, Erbius-Femto can deliver pulses with energy up to 65 nJ and considerable peak power
(> 600 kW), comparable to the capacity of a large diesel power station. Intense ultra-fast radiation pulses of Erbius-Femto enable numerous leading-edge technologies within the realm of ultra-fast photonics.
Laser Erbius-Femto may be shipped together with a fibre optical amplifier to increase the average output power > 1 W and even more, an efficient radiation frequency doubler for generation of ultra-fast light pulses in the 780-nm range, and a scanned auto-correlator FS-PS-Auto that allows measurement of ultra-fast pulse duration within the range of 10 fs to 30 ps.
Specifications of Erbius-Femto fiber laser:

Wavelength range:
- 1560 +/-10 nm
- 780 +/-5 nm (with frequency doubler)

Pulse width: < 100 fs

Repetition rate: 12-18 MHz

Average output power:
- up to 250 mW in the range of 1560 +/-10 nm
- up to 75 mW in the range of 780 +/-5 nm

Peak output power:
- up to 150 kW in the range of 1560 +/-10 nm
- up to 45 kW in the range of 780 +/-5 nm

Pulse energy:
- up to 15 nJ in the range of 1560 +/-10 nm
- up to 5 nJ in the range of 780 +/-5 nm
With fiber amplifier:

Pulse width: < 100 fs

Average output power:
- >1 W in the range of 1560 +/-10 nm
- >300 mW in the range of 780 +/-5 nm

Peak output power:
- > 600 kW in the range of 1560 +/-10 nm
- > 180 kW in the range of 780 +/-5 nm

Pulse energy:
- up to 65 nJ in the range of 1560 +/-10 nm
- up to 20 nJ in the range of 780 +/-5 nm
Ultrafast spectroscopy, terahertz generation, frequency combs,
microfabrication, waveguide writing, 3D photopolymerization,
localized material deposition, nano-photonics, high-resolution multiphoton
tomography and non-linear imaging research, real-time diagnostics for microprocessing,
high  capacity optical data storage, amplifier seeding, sub-systems for OEM integration etc.
Weitere Modelle
Titan-Saphir Femtosekundenlaser

Wellenlänge                                  750-950 nm
Impulsdauer                                  25-45 fs
Durchschn. Ausgangsleistung      400 mW (5 W Pumpleistung)
Repetitionsrate                              80-100 MHz
Durchstimmbarer gepulster Faserlaser

Impusdauer              400fs/10ps (Femtosekundenimpuls auf einem Pikosekundensockel)
Wellenlänge             1060-1115 nm
Repetitionsrate         5-10 MHz
Modengekoppelter Faserlaser Ytterbium

Impusdauer               500 fs - 3 ns
Impulsenergie           bis zu 5 uJ
Repetitionsrate          bis zu 30 kHz
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